Established in 1897, Calvert America has a century long history of academic excellence. In 2014, through a signed partnership between Limai Chinese American (International) School and Calvert Educational Services in Baltimore Maryland, the first Calvert International Program was established in Beijing, China. This program offers more than just internationally acclaimed education systems; it also provides the perfect blend of Western and Chinese ideologies.


While being dedicated to inspiring individual talents in students from kindergarten to grade 12, we are committed to aiding students realize their full potential. Books are purchased from the United States and brought to China. Using high-tech 21st century technology in an environment that fosters critical thinking, an American curriculum is delivered by the school’s passionate team of American and native speaking certified teachers. Our team is driven to empower the students so as ensure their superior academic success. Students experience hands on problem solving and project based learning, which provides them with international cross cultural meaningful experience.

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