a) Registered both in Limai Chinese American (International) School and Calvert America. We share our students’ grades and other information about Calvert America, and provide each student online Q&A.
b) If they passed final exam successfully, students can get their certificate from Calvert America at end of the year. With Calvert America’s certificate and transcript, students can apply any school in America.
c) Students will take test every 6 weeks, synchronize with Calvert America students.  Teacher in America will give grades, and their grades will be written into American records.
d) We also valued Chinese traditional culture, we have Chinese Language Art class (including calligraphy and writing), Math class, with our unique Artistic courses; it also provides the perfect blend of Western and Chinese ideologies.
e) Small classroom sizes allow students have more individual attention to teacher.
f) Every year Calvert America will send teacher come to train our teachers at least twice times.
g) We have abundant of social practice, social activities, after school class, to establish students’ confidence of communicate with others.
h) Requiring an entrance examination for students of all levels allows us to maintain a high standard of education. This standard of education creates an environment for students to reach the highest levels of success. This success is documented in all of the certified transcripts supplied by Calvert America; the transcripts document and tracked student progress.

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