Individualized education is starting from the students’real personality, respect students' needs, interests, creativity and freedom, through a unified process personalization and socialization, education and self-education, develop students’ good character quality, promote individuality independent and harmonious development, making students be perfect personality citizens.

Individualized education center

All school curricula are currently in the implementation of individualized, hierarchical teaching classes go flow system, the concept of individualized education center is" learning becomes a pleasure, self-confidence becomes a driving force, personality becomes an advantage, training becomes a kind of merit ". We focus on students’ interests, dreams, provide more rich, high-quality after-school programs, and closed-loop type of effective monitoring, establish the students " individualized archives". Implementation of individualized education take international teaching measure, by using one on one, small class immersion teaching mode, by using group inquiry form to have fun in classroom, it will provide two reports sent to parents each term, they are analyzed report for entrance and year-end report of completion!

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