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The primary department of Limai Fairmont incorporates United State Fairmont School’s currilulum framework to provide bilingual teaching for 5-12 years old children.Both foreign and Chinese class teachers co-manage,prepare for class, and integrate teaching as well as moral values.The Limai Fairmont bilingual teaching model respects the rules of local education regulation while mastering both language, Chinese and English, at the same time.The Limai Fairmont bilingual course uses immersion teaching of the two languages, and blends advanced technology teaching methods to create actual learning situations with the purpose to cultivate students’ critiacl thinking, language reading and writing , commuication, and leadership abilities.The curriculum flollows China’s national standards and adpots American system for the core curriculum.Language art, social science, nature science, and mathematics are the main subjects taught by both Chinese and foreign teachers,along with many other colorful individualized elective courses.The multi-curriculum system and comprehensive structured uation will provide children the most suitable education.

The primary school curriculum is 50% Chinese 50% English.It cultivates students’ interest in learning,establishes good study habits and reading,and encourages students to strive to explore and seek out new knowledges.

The LImai Fairmont Middle School Department gradually cultivate students’ self-learning and self-discipline abilities on the basis of primary school. It focuses on six main subject frameworks-languages, social science, mathematics, science, electives, and field trips to balance students’ academic literacy, social communication,and organizational coordination.The uation of each test.

The ratio of Chinese to English curriculum is 4:6.It aims to provide academic challenges and encourage students to understand the links between traditional disciplines and the real world. Students will develop to become critical and reflective thinkers, build logical thinking skills,and become leaders with good communication skills.

Fairmont High School 3+1 program is the perfect immersion of Chinese and American education.It is a four years program where students study at Beijing Limai campus for the first three years and study in the United States at Fairmont campus for the senior year.Students will receive dual diplomas from Beijing Limai and United States Fairmont schools after program completion.
Program Features
1,Chinese American high school curriculum:Implementing the concept of “traditional Chinese values aided with modern Westen ideology”
2,Student receives American registration.Higher acceptance rate from top American universities or colleges.
3,United States Farirmont study aboard programs.
4,Earn college credits from advanced placement courses.
5,Various elective courses and campus activities.
6,One year study in the United State Fairmont School to apply for top universities and adapt to American life in advance.

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